Whilst we are all supporting our own Teams this weekend (I am sure Dunfermline Athletic is the team for most of us) and wishing them to find the net on multiple occasions a net of a different kind has been installed at Holy Trinity.

Whilst all things great and small are important, sometimes the small can cause issues. Pigeon droppings are dangerous especially to the young and elderly. A large number have recently nesting in our church porch and due to our large congregation of both children and those more stately.

The vestry therefore had to act and encourage our birdly neighbours back into many of our beautiful trees. The new anti-bird netting is a safe humane way to protect our congregation and encourage our birds back into the trees.

Thanks to all who put in the hours of effort in to fix the netting in place and those who repaired it after the painters managed to damage it by accident.

We are pleased to finally reveal our new Children’s and Buggies area at Holy Trinity!

Our new area for young families

After speaking to many of our young parents the need for an area in the church itself became apparent. Our church hall has a wonderful space for our young church that meet every week during the start of our Sunday service. Open to all crèche and primary aged children they have a wonderfully full programme throughout term time. However for parents with younger children or those who simply don’t want to be in crèche a space in the church was required.

The vestry looked at putting a new children’s area at the front or middle of the church. The aim to be a space for buggies to park and play for young children to move around safely but still be the focal point for the church. Our parents however opted for a space at the rear of the church to allow them quick exit if need be and the flexibility to come in and out of the church throughout the service. The vestry voted to remove two pews, one side for wheelchairs and a new tech booth and the other pictured for our new children’s area. Our hope is to fill the Area with toys and books, we already have bags in every second pew with a couple books and quiet toys for children to use throughout the service. We hope this area will make the service a much less stressful time for parents and much more fun for children so they can relax and play whilst being part of our service.

Slightly brighter than Naval Decks!

We would like to thank all those involved – from funding, procurement, carpenters, painters and our trained deck layer pictured who is more used to laying deck coverings on Royal Navy ships and submarines rather than churches.

Have you been to Holy Trinity Recently?

Holy Trinity is undergoing some major renovations and changes moving us towards the future. The website has covered many of these changes but the next we will bring you is a sneak peak of what is to come.

Those who joined us on Sunday will have seen the remarkable transformation throughout the church after our large scale redecorating and improvements project really took off. Not seen it yet? Then come and visit us! Until we show you the inside of the church itself, here is another sneak peak of what the Church could look like, this time with pictures of our freshly painted Vestibule.

The Eagle eyed amongst you will notice the misplaced pew. Those who have been following the changes will know two new areas are being created for the church. The pews themselves will not be leaving the grounds with one due to be placed in the porch and the other in the garden to provide more seating. Keep an eye out for our next update on our new children’s areas later this week!

Despite being an old building we have modern disabled access lifts that can help anyone, young or old, to ride into the church in style. Please ask anyone of our welcome team, rector or wardens who will quickly assist you to save those aches and pains or simply to avoid you walking or carrying buggies down the stairs. Please just ask we are more than happy to help!

On behalf of Samaritans of Dunfermline, thank you so much for the support the congregation of Holy Trinity Church provides throughout the year; the Light Lunch, the retiring collection and Dorissia’s delicious curry supper.  Like most branches across the organisation, our branch is run by volunteers and we rely on fundraising, donations and grants to be able to run the branch and ensure we are available to support those who are in need of someone to talk to.  Yourkind and generous contributions help us to do that.

Every year, Samaritans answer more than 5 million calls nationally for help via our unique 24-hour listening service and via email, SMS, letter and face to face.  Up until the end of July, Dunfermline branch alone has responded to over 8,300 calls via all of these methods of contact.

Samaritans at the Pars open day at East End Park

Samaritan volunteers are very aware that for some people, particularly men, it is very difficult to open up and talk about how they really feel.  For that reason, we supported the Dunfermline Press’ campaign “We Need To Talk”, following the recent tragic loss of lives in our community.  We’re also supporting an event on the 19th September, Choose Life Fife, which is aimed at promoting better mental health among men and preventing lives lost to suicide.  If you know someone who might benefit from this event, they can sign up via the following link:

Visiting Queen Margaret’s hospital for Brew Monday
(with our own Frances Jack!)

We want to encourage, promote and celebrate those moments of connection between people that can protect and even save lives.  This is why across Fife, Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy branches of the Samaritans work in schools, colleges, prisons, workplaces and communities.  You may have seen our stand in various locations already this year, Queen Margaret Hospital, Fife College, the Childrens’ Gala in the Glen or perhaps the Pars Open Day at East End Park.  Next time you spot us out and about, please come and say hello, we’re always willing to talk, but more importantly ready to listen.

Linda Miller – Director

Samaritans of Dunfermline SCIO

Contacting Samaritans is free, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 116 123, email gro.snatiramasnull@oj or find the opening hours for your local branch at

Freshers week at Fife College

Painting is now underway, here is a sneak peak of our new colours!

The church hasn’t been painted in over 10 years, not only will the new paint brighten up the church but has serious protective qualities. The church is currently being washed down and treated. This will help remove any mould or damage to the walls. Special paint is being applied to combat corrosion and growth of mould over the next 10 years. Large churches and stone structures need to be protected properly to ensure the masonry stays in tact.

As part of this work the Church sanctuary itself will not be in use with informal services being held in the church hall. We can’t wait to reveal our newly painted church towards the end of the month!

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