Lost Sheep!

Dunfermline’s Christmas Sheep Hunt 2019!

“At this time of year in our town, we recognise traditions from all around, From lions and goddesses to frankincense and myrrh,
From Solstice to Kwanzaa, so much to offer
From lighting the dija to Jesus’ birth, we gather to celebrate our life on earth So please will you join us in singing and cheer and acceptance and sharing our cultures this year?” From ‘Let it Snow’, Netflix 2019 Shem the Shepherd has lost his sheep. This is rather unfortunate as there are only a few days left before Shem and his flock need to join the other shepherds, angels, wise men and assorted hangers-on, at the stable in Bethlehem to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

But you can be the hero of our story by helping Shem find all his sheep.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find those pesky little sheep hiding in shop windows in the town.
Simply write the name of the shop and the sheep, Once you have found all the sheep, remember to complete your name, address and telephone number and pop it in our post box for your chance to win a special, woolly prize.
We will be drawing the winner at our family Christingle Service on Tuesday 24th December at 3.30pm. Come along and join the celebration – everyone is welcome at our relaxed and fun service.


  1. Start in Canmore Street and you find your first shop – keep the faith and you will get going!
  2. Next, a wee wander along the Maygate, may get you your next sheep! She’s gazing from her shop window dreaming of far-off places – she’s a real bookworm this girl and just loves to read all day long.
  3. From here, go round the corner and take a turn up the High Street. You’ll meat a family of sheep in this shop! Be sure to use your ‘Bryan’ to solve this clue!
  4. Only a short stroll up from here and you should find your next busy little lamb. You’ll need be ‘studious’ to find her hiding in among the bobbins and threads.
  5. If you are ‘crafty’ enough you’ll find her sister just a ball of wool’s throw away!
    Keep heading up the High Street. We are thinking independently, so no flocking to the big chain store windows – you won’t find our sheep there!
  6. Next head to the corner of Bonnar and James Street. The next sheep is almost, but not quite, the ‘lamb with the lion’
  7. You are nearly there! Head back down Bonnar Street and onto East Port. Your penultimate sheep can be found in a shop window munching some tasty Scottish wild-flowers.
  8. Don’t be afraid to solve the final clue. There’s nothing scary for yoo to doo – just find our fleecy friends celebrating Christmas in this parlour’s window.

Please post completed forms with your name telephone number and address through the letter box on the blue side door of Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church. You will find us at the end of East Port, on the corner of Viewfield Terrace – the letterbox is just there, right on Viewfield Terrace. We are the church, just next to the car park.
You can find out more about our church and services on our website: www.holytrinitychurch.org.uk and the Scottish Episcopal church at
The winner will be drawn at the end of our family Christingle service on 24th December at 3.30pm – we hope to see you there!