Casting the Net (based on the story of Jesus telling his disciples to cast the net on the other side of their boat (John 21:6)) is a resource which the diocese has developed in order to encourage and facilitate growth in local congregations. Casting the Net is not so much the name of a ‘programme’ for growth as an ‘emphasis’ or ‘culture’ of growth which, it is hoped, will take root and develop within congregations. Specifically, it is focused on fostering development in the areas covered by the ‘Nine Marks of Mission’ agreed by the diocese:

  • Worship that renews and inspires;
  • Transformed lives and communities through the good news of Jesus Christ;
  • Lifelong Christian nurture: through lifelong learning and mutual support;
  • Reaching out to children and young people;
  • Rooted in prayer, word and sacrament;
  • The welcome of newcomers and celebration of ‘life events’.
  • Sharing faith by confident and sensitive evangelism;
  • Serving the community in practical ways;
  • Ready to seek growth and to cast the net.

The Casting the Net initiative is being redeveloped by our Diocesan Mission Thomas Brauer. Watch this space in 2016!

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