With great sadness, tinged with understanding of their calling to a new challenge the congregation of Holy Trinity said farewell to Alison and Peter after their final Eucharist in Dunfermline before they departed for
Birmingham to where members of our congregation joined them this week to celebrate Alison’s institution (18th Feb).

Our Rector’s Warden Stuart said goodbye and
conveyed thanks and best wishes before they left, on behalf of us all and presented Alison and Peter with a photograph of the congregation taken on the day of our last AGM together with a cheque and instructions to treat themselves. Tea coffe and cake were served and enjoyed by all. We think and pray with them both as they start their new chapter.

Rev. Alison is to be licensed at St George’s Church, Newtown in Birmingham and several Holy Trinity members traveled down to witness the proceedings and wish them well.

Alison and Peter would like to thank the congregation of Holy Trinity Dunfermline for the many cards and gifts and prayers and good wishes we received and thank those who made the journey down south, but, especially for the lovely framed photograph of the congregation and the envelope, some of the contents will indeed go to the Parish Building Fund (repair of the flat roof). And to Gill Wardell for the lovely cake and to Linda Brownlie for organising the refreshments; and in the evening for a special time with the Youth Fellowship at the Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatters Tea Party! and to Andrew and Rachel and James: thanks!


On 9 August last year I was invited by our dear friend and Mothers’ Union (MU) member, Patricia Gordon, to attend their service in Edinburgh to celebrate Mary Sumner and the Mothers’ Union. Pat is a very good friend of mine. She was a member of Holy Trinity, sang in the choir as well as a MU member when the family lived in Garvock.

This was held at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Murrayfield Avenue, Edinburgh. MU members had travelled from all parishes in the Diocese, some as far afield as Kelso, to attend this annual celebration. Also, as the Good Shepherd is in an Ecumenical partnership, they were joined by their United Reformed and Church of Scotland friends as well as Methodists and Baptist supporters. Unusually for August, the weather was sunny and warm. The service was conducted by the Rector, the Rev Dr Canon Dean Forteskew, assisted by the MU Diocesan Chaplain, the Rev Christine Barclay.

In his address, Canon Forteskew reminded us of the dedication and enormous contribution of MU members throughout the world. In an ever growing world where society has changed, Mothers Union has embraced those changes while remaining to its true vision – transforming the lives of half a million people each year. It continues to flourish from members’ energy, generosity and prayer. We put our faith into action, often quietly and humbly through the projects we run and the support we provide. Mary Sumner had a vision, led an ordinary life, yet touched the life of ordinary people. And the service wouldn’t be compete without that great hymn of Mary “Tell out my Soul”.

After the service we all assembled in the hall for a buffet lunch, a chance to catch up with friends old and new. It was nice to see Barbara Hand, who was equally delighted to see me!
We rounded off the day with a tour of the Garden of Contemplation reading the various stations of wisdom and poems. There is also a ‘Peace Pole’ at the entrance of the church. It is written with the words “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Danish, Swahili and Romanian. It represents the languages of those nationalities who worship at the Good Shepherd. But for me the wisdom that spoke to me is the ‘bit’ between the church and the hall, where it was aptly situated. I would like to share it with you…

God bless, Dorissia

Holy Trinity prides itself on having a vibrant and active Young Church. Towards the end of 2017 we were often presented with some wonderful models built as part of the program. Get in touch to find out more about the young Church and what they are currently building on!

On Sunday, 19th November Young Church was invited to share a story with the congregation at the 11am service This is their story.

In a land far away from Fife, a man and his
donkey were walking home after a long
day in the fields collecting olives. The sun
was low in the sky and the man and his
donkey were tired. The donkey plodded
along carrying his heavy load. His head
hung low as he tried to avoid the sun in his
eyes. Suddenly, the donkey tripped and
was falling, falling. Down, down he
tumbled, into an old, dry well. “Oh you
silly donkey!” cried the man, as he peered
down into the well. The donkey brayed loudly and gazed forlornly at the circle of light far above. Donkey scrabbled and scrapped but his hooves couldn’t grip the sides of the well. “I’m stuck” yelled Donkey. “I’ll be back” called the man.

As the sun set, the well became darker but the man had not returned. “He’ll be back soon” thought Donkey. The night wore on but still the man had not returned. “He’s bound to come” resolved Donkey.

As light slowly slid back over the edge of the well, Donkey heard voices. “I knew he would come back!” Donkey exclaimed. Donkey could hear the man talking to another. “I should have filled this old well in years ago” said the man. “It could have been a child who fell in” the other replied. “Let’s get to work then” stated Donkey’s master.

“Right”, thought Donkey, “I expect one of them will be lowered into the well and tie a rope around me to lift me up. I’ll be ready” decided Donkey. Then, splat, earth rained down on Donkey from the hole above. Thump! Another shovel of dirt fell on Donkey’s head. Donkey squinted at the circle of light, confused by what was happening. “That silly old donkey” he heard his master say. “it’s too risky for you or I to try to rescue him. Better we just fill the well in now. He won’t have survived the night anyway” stated the man.
Donkey could not believe his ears! He tried braying again but his voice was dry and cracked and the dirt kept clogging in his mouth. “How has it come to this?” thought Donkey, sadly. “I never thought my long life would end like this” he pondered. He remembered a time as a very young donkey when he had carried a heavily pregnant woman a long way to the town of her husband’s birth. They had arrived in the town just in time – the baby had come that night. And what a night that had been!

There were so many visitors and the brightest star Donkey had ever seen. And then more recently, had he not been treated like royalty? Carrying a very important man into the city. The crowds had gathered and threw their coats and palms in the road for him to walk on. “Oh how indeed I have fallen!” despaired the donkey, shaking his big, soft head sadly.
And as he shook his head miserably, some of the dirt fell from his back onto the bottom of the well. Donkey shuffled his hooves, tramping down the falling earth. He shook his head and neck a little harder and more earth fell to the floor which he stamped down. Suddenly Donkey realised that if he kept shaking the dirt off, stamping it down he could step up. Up towards the light, up towards freedom. So each time the dirt fell on Donkey he shook it off and stepped up, shook it off and stepped up. Shook it off and stepped up towards the light, keeping faith that things would be alright. Eventually, after many hours, donkey could see above the edge of the well and scrambled out into the evening light. “My word!” exclaimed the man. “I did not expect that!” he cried.

“The Donkey trotted off, chuckling to himself.
darkness and dirt did not overcome me after all. I shook it off and stepped up!” he mused. “Sometimes in life, what appear at first to be our biggest stumbling blocks can in fact become our greatest stepping stones” the wise, old donkey concluded.

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