Kennys institution

This week we look back to Kennys inistitution. Kenny joined us on Saturday 3rd with his wife Ruth. His first service took place on the 4th.

Here are some photos of this monumentous day!

We wish Kenny and Ruth all the best as they join our Church Family here in Dunfermline.

Words taken from Megan Briers thoughts post the Scottish Episcopal Church provincial youth camp at Glenalmond 2018.

I had no idea what to expect before arriving at my first glen. I knew nobody apart from vague knowledge of A Wedge?? I had so many initial worries. Will anyone talk to me? What should I pack? Will this be any good? Who shares a nickname with a type of potato? Anyway, the countdown was soon up and I was standing unsure at the sign-in. Suddenly, I was given a massive hug by a girl I had never seen before in my life. I knew I would be okay here.

They say time flies when you are having fun, and way too soon it came to my last year as a delegate. I couldn’t believe this was it after 6 years. The week flew past, as expected and was filled with reunions, tears, a lot of late nights and most importantly restoration and development of my faith. I have come across and got to know so many people throughout my Glen journey.

Glen is a truly magical place, the energy at the camp is intense and at no other point during the year is my faith as strong. I am not sure what it is that makes me feel the way I do at Glen, truly connected with my religion, or what isn’t quite there when I return home. Whatever it is, a goal for the future is to bridge the gap.

Glen is intense, you live together in the way Christian communities of the past did. Eating, relaxing, working together and praying as one close community. We open up more, the boundaries in the pressure cooker of High School
don’t seem to exist. Everyone is valued for who they are no matter where they come from.
Glen is an amazing opportunity and I would advise anyone in secondary school with even a vague interest to give it a try. You will make genuine friends for life, as I head off to Uni I know there are leaders and past delegates across Scotland and wider afield to visit, to call on to go to for advice, help and more importantly friendship.

If you are young enough to get to experience it Glen could develop your religion and you’ll have an amazing amazing amazing time in the process! If you are unfortunately too old then send someone else younger instead! My hope for the future of Glen is more people discover this gem of a camp and that adults within the church realise what a great opportunity this is for young congregation members who may otherwise feel isolated, which may lead to a disconnection in faith. I am forever grateful to the church for encouraging and supporting me to go, I never looked back.

Diocese of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane
PHOTOGRAPHY AS PRAYER: a touring exhibition of 50 photos of people & places taken by member of the diocese.

 St Catharine’s Blairgowrie, Fri. 5th October
 Holy Trinity, Pitlochry, Fri. 12th October
 St Mary’s, Aberfoyle, Fri. 19th October
 Holy Trinity, Dunfermline, Fri. 26th October
 St Michael’s, Elie, Sat. 3rd November
 St Margaret’s, Leven, Saturday 17th November

In a lot of cases the exhibition is staying with the Church for up to a week. However, accessibility and opening times will have to be a matter for the individual Churches, who will make their own arrangements for publicity etc.

At Holy Trinity we plan to be open to the public on three days and we are looking for volunteers to help out on Saturday 27th October from 11am to 3pm; Sunday 28th October from 12noon to 3pm and Thursday 1st November from 10:15am to 1pm when the exhibition is open to the public. If you are able to help please email or speak to Fiona. Details available via our contact us page.

The Youth Fellowship is hosting a family fun night where we will need your help to solve the Mystery!

Tickets are on sale now, email, text or speak to one of the youth leaders details above. As it’s the year of the Young Person money raised will support the YF and also Fife Young Carers and the work they do across Fife. 

Linda Brownlie and David Dean will be representing Holy Trinity at the consecration of our new Bishop the 20th October.

The Institution of our new Rector will take place at 11am on Saturday 3rd November. The Very Rev’d Kenny Rathband will take his first service on Sunday 4th November.

 Rectory – maintenance and decorating work has been continuing in the Rectory in consultation with the new Rector. Thank-you to all that have been in the work involved volunteering their time, advice and hard work to get it ready.
 Thank-you to David and Lynnis Dean for their donation for the new altar cloths.

Entrance Hallway Roof
 Permanent repair to the roof damaged in the storm in June is awaiting approval by Fife Council Planning Department. We have submitted an
application for listed building consent for the
replacement of all the zinc panelling on the flat roof over the entrance hallway. We are relieved that a further temporary repair has stopped the water dripping in through the ceiling. It is hoped that the main works will be underway within a month or so.

Blackwood Memorial Trust

OSCR have approved the application to reorganise the Trust.

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