Brenda Cameron wrote this wonderful prayer after one of our Lent Study sessions. We host a range of study sessions throughout the year, please message us for more information about becoming involved.

YOU were with me
In the beginning it was YOU.
All was done and complete.
At some stage of all of this I became me before I knew myself.
Abba Father, my beloved, the road to my life’s path had begun.

YOU were with me
I needed someone to care for me.
Parents and teachers to pray and tell me all about YOU so I could understand.
I was truly blessed and life seemed good.
YOU were with me
Growing up I had choices,
What life’s path I wanted to follow. Some were good and some were not. I forgot about YOU.
I did this without YOU by my side.

YOU were with me
I fell apart. I cried. I was sad.
I was angry. I was happy. I laughed. I danced, but still forgot about YOU.
YOU were with me

As I grew older and more mature, YOU became clearer, I began to understand YOU.
I wanted to know YOU more.
My faith was restored.
YOU were with me
I was tested in my human way.
Choices about life and what it was all about. I had pain and suffering beyond my strength. I cried often. Why me?
I did not understand.

YOU were with me
Soon the beautiful picture became clearer.
YOU are with me all the time.
I see you LORD as my comforter, my saviour and my friend.

I need to talk to YOU, pray, learn and listen to all who know YOU. YOU are my strength and light.
I know now and understand.
YOU are the way and the truth and the life.
YOU died to save me.
I am never alone.
YOU were with me
To my end and ever after. Beloved Lord Jesus I thank you. I love YOU.

Brenda: I wrote this after an Easter Lent Bible Study I went on. We were asked to write our own story about our faith journey.

Our intercessions for Mothering Sunday were written by Rachel Walker.

Our bidding responses for today is when I Say God of Love you respond with Hear our Prayer

Let us pray,

On this Mothering Sunday thank you for all those who care for us. We thank you for giving them compassion, grace and love displayed in your image. We pray for new mums, mums who struggle to bring children up in uncertain times, mums in war zones where safety and protection are not a constant. We pray for mums who have lost children or couldn’t look after their own. We pray for those who have lost mums or care givers to remember fondly their love they shared. We give thanks for those who have stepped up to take on the role of a mother, grandparents, fathers, friends, step families, through foster and adoption that all love has meaning. We pray for families and communities who struggle to feel and share love that they may be brought together on this day. A day when we remember and celebrate the gifts given from those around us. For the sacrifices and time they have given us for the memories they have shared and guidance they have provided. Please give them love, strength and patience and give us the inspiration to share and be thankful for all people that care for us. 

God of Love

Hear our prayer

We reflect on a political time that was meant to mark an end and a beginning but instead we have nothing. May the vacuum be filled with wisdom, courage and a driving desire to show love and care for all but especially for those who really know what nothing is. For the families facing an uncertain future where home has terms and conditions and education is limited to dates and records rather than knowledge, inspiration or talent. We pray that they find a place in your Kingdom they can call home and as empathetic loving Christians we can do what we can to love, value and celebrate all they enrich our lives and community with here in Scotland. 

God of Love

Hear our prayer

We pray for our nation and all others, that leaders are directed towards creating a society of justice and peace, where everyone is welcome, loved and together we can create and protect a better world. We pray for Slovakia’s first female president Suzanna Kaptova that she may continue to strive for peace and equality in her nation. On Mothering Sunday we thank you for all women who have stood up for each other, for minorities that have been discriminated against for any reason and not had equal chances, opportunities or voice and share their plight and vision for a fairer world. We pray for the delegation of Women that are inspired and challenged from the recent UN congress of women that they have your strength and vision for a world and a church that celebrates all and glorifies you. 

God of Love 

Hear our prayer

We pray for all those affected by violence and terror in our world. We pray for all those caught up in knife crime and stabbings specifically in London just now. We give thanks and compassion for all those first responders and the emergency services who put themselves at risk to help others. For the police who try to minimise and contain this trend, for the ambulance crew and all at hospitals dealing with the horrifying aftermath and for the fire brigade, coastguard, RNLI who do their best to protect and save others. We specifically remember the avalanche in the highlands and the sailor lost at sea, we pray for their family that they may find your love and peace at this difficult time. We think of our brothers and sisters across the world who face turmoil and conflict and we pray specifically for your resolution in Israel and Palestine. We pray that the persecution of Palestinians is brought to an end and that world leaders can support to protect the lives, livelihoods and homes of everyone. We pray for the armed forces and those who work away from home to try and create a more just world, we pray they will feel your Love and the love of those around them. 

God of Love

Hear our Prayer

We give thanks for the Christian church throughout the world to work together on a day and week where love should be shared and celebrated in a struggling society. We pray for the Scottish Episcopal Church for all the mission and outreach it does in our communities to share and show love by welcoming all. We pray for the diocese of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane as we prepare to welcome Christians from across the world as part of Fife’s pilgrim way. We give thanks for our bishop Ian and all those across the diocese and province who support the work of our church. On this mothering Sunday we give thanks for Holy Trinity Dunfermline and St Margarets Rosyth and for the love we share with our families, young people and children and for the loving environment and people we strive to be. We pray for Kenny, Stuart, Ross, Elaine, Christine, Bubbles, James, Andrew, Linda and all others who spread the message of your love in this place. We pray that this church can flourish and grow. 

God of Love

Hear our Prayer

We pray for all those that are struggling especially considering the difficult nature of today. We pray for those who we know are ill or fighting with illness, who are injured and struggling to recover, those in care homes or requiring extra support and the doctors, nurses and carers that work hard to aid recovery. At an uncertain stressful time we pray for all those struggling to see your light in a world full of darkness. We pray for love, friendships and communities to bond and support the lonely, lost, homeless and desolate on our doorstep. We pray that all those struggling with Mental Health can see life as a journey and that you will carry them when they fall, there will be always be at least two sets of footprints in the sand. We pray for anyone we hold in our hearts that need love and care to be held in our prayers today in sickness and health. Let us now share a moment of stillness to pass over to you all that we hold dear today. (Moment of Stillness)

God of Love

Hear our Prayer

We lift up these prayers to you God and all the spoken and unspoken prayers of your people that you may comfort and protect us all and that we may go out loving and celebrating all those we hold dear.


Fay Cuthbertson wrote an article about the St Michael window (North West wall) which was originally published in the HT magazine of July 2011. It is still available on our church website archives section.

The North West stained glass windows

The photograph above shows the “Jenkins” window alongside the “North” or “St Christopher” window. Both windows commemorate the loss of a church member on active service; Flying Officer Peter Jenkins during WW2 and Sub Lieutenant Richard Frank North who perished in the HMS Affray submarine disaster on a training mission in April 1951. This article is dedicated to the memory of Richard.

The reason for the loss of HMS Affray and all 75
persons on board is not known, at least to the public, as naval Board of Enquiry reports are strictly confidential. A precis of the report was submiited to the house of commons in November 1951 which concluded that there was insufficient evidence to explain why the submarine was lost. One theory suspected flooding through a broken snort mast whilst another speculated about a battery fire.

HMS Affray set off on it’s final mission from Portsmouth on 16th April 1951 with a reduced compliment on board to make room for a group of 26 officers, engineers and Royal Marine commandoes on training. There were a few question marks over the vessels fitness for sea and suggestions that the timetable for participation in the exercise may have been a factor. Once out in the English Channel the “Affray”, as planned, signalled her position and intention to dive at 2115 hours. She was due to make her surfacing signal by 0900 hours the following morning, 17th April, but no such signal was received.

There was no immediate response to the lack of a signal and some concerns that a rescue mission was delayed by a few hours. By mid-day a search was underway and several search submarines reported picking up hull tapping and faint intermittant signals but without getting a precise location fix. The last signal was reported by submarine “Ambush” at 1439 hours on the 18th April with code letters which represented “we are trapped at the bottom”. The wreck was not positively located and identified until 8 weeks later on 14th June some 40 miles from the reported diving position and well outside the original search area. One can only imagine the turmoil and distress experienced by those on board and their loved ones waiting and hoping for news.

The inscription dedicated to the Submarine HMS Affray

In 1953/54 Diana Jenkins , sister of Peter, had commisioned the St Michael window in memory of her brother and mother and this was dedicated in September 1954. Around this time Mr and Mrs North decided to request permission to add the partner window to commemorate the tragic loss of their son Richard. In our archives there are records of correspondence with our Rector at the time, Canon Robert Denholm, during which the design was discussed and agreed. St Christopher was selected as a Saint revered by Mariners and, as is often the case, he is depicted with a child on his shoulder. The Phoenix was selected to balance the Dove in the Jenkins window and to symbolise the resurrection. Arrangements were made for the dedication which took place in December 1955.
It was not until 2012 that a memorial Plaque was established at the harbourside on the Channel Island of Alderney and dedicated to the final crew of “Affray”. The following year a similar plaque was established at Gosport. Both include Sub Lieut R F North in the listing of the crew. There is a website dedicated to the memory of the crew at

Sanctuary Roles: Administrator of the Chalice and Server

Over the last year or so, there has been a
reduction in people available for both the above
duties resulting in a four weekly call for duty,
more for the folk on both lists, but with time
away and other reasons, frequency has increased even more. We have though welcomed Phyllida Smith back onto the server’s list as you will have noticed of a Sunday. Phyllida was a server some time ago and it is great to have her come forward once again.

The two duties are not onerous at all and provide another way in which a person can give service to Our Lord in our church and beyond. The duties may look complicated with folk moving round all over the place, but they are not – and there is no exam!

Could you help at our Altar?

Anyone who might like to consider either of these duties or wishes to learn a little more, please speak to/ring/mail me or speak with anyone already on the lists.

Servers may be of any age and families are particularly encouraged to discuss this way of contributing to church life with their Young People. There is no requirement to be confirmed to become a Server and training and buddy help is the way of introduction to life behind the rails. Our current young Servers are great ambassadors.
The Administrator role carries the additional need of approval by the Bishop to accord with the church requirements and this is organised by our Rector. There are steps to be negotiated with this duty. If you think this is something you would like to do, then please speak directly with the Rector.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Phil Smithard
e: moc.liamgnull@drahtims.lihp T: 01383722416

Firstly thank you to all for your suggestions and ideas. Last month we asked everyone to submit ideas and Dreams for Holy Trinity’s building and how we could improve it. Vestry members discussed these and split them into 2 categories. 

1. Those concerned with the building were divided into 3 – Discuss Now, Hopes and Dreams. Vestry will give regular updates on the progress towards meeting the points raised.

2. Those concerned with our services and outreach. Many of these points are being discussed and addressed by our Growing Congregations and Communications sub-groups.

Completed• Dust woodwork above pipes/organ – this was completed during the repair of the organ. Vestry will look to ensuring it is cleaned on a regular basis.

Discuss Now• Notice Boards; Signage; Sandwich board for front of church to say welcome we are open; story board in vestibule telling the story of our congregation• More banners and/or hangings and/or art in church – seasonal. YF/YC to contribute• Open to the community more often• New child friendly furniture for Young Church along with storage• Paint walls of church, vestibule and in the hall• Replace curtains and carpets• Encourage use of disabled access lift• Glass in door at rear of church• Glass door at front of church• Repair and paint side door to street • Bench at top level landing for people to wait• Rail in middle of the stairs in sanctuary• Handrail at lectern• Lighting, replace ceiling lights• Clean tiles• Heating • Seating strips on all the pews• Some of the vestibule windows don’t close• Audio visual connection, church office & wifi• Webcam to go live and stream• New sound system• Toilets – always freezing – add pull switch heater; Sort out plumbing in toilets – often there is no hot water, also very few signs for visitors• Screens or curtains to cover up cupboard and chairs storage area• Dishwasher in the kitchen• “as existing” drawings

Hopes• Make church building more child friendly – area for prams, baby seats. Remove some pews to make room for prams or wheelchairs• No pews – allows us to use the space• New modern temperature-controlled heating system• Storage in the hall• Refurbish hall• New entrance to the south into carpark• Handrail at the steps up into the garden• Open the church to those who want to come in for quiet time – 2-3 times a week • Screens in church for music, liturgy, videos, replace pew sheets

Dreams• Screens outside rooms & church to show what is on•  Ramp up to altar or move altar down• Glass box extension at front of church, café or child space• Hall & kitchen extension to garden space, modern kitchen, roof top garden• Second and maybe third floor added to hall– classrooms, meeting rooms, shower• Top tier in church – use old pews, modern• Proper lift/elevator system

Suggestions to be taken forward to another meeting• Mix of old and modern hymns• A Sunday with no communion• Services on other days and times of day• Prayer team• More bible study • Family services to encourage in young families• Services need not be all formal. We are a diverse people of God• Involve young people in the church – intersessions, reading, welcoming visitors. Look at the church through the eyes of young people• Main 11am service is a minefield for newbies with no direction either verbal or written as to what to do. We go straight into hymns and Gloria with no direction, say together light text as well as bold. Need service sheets with what we actually do• Explore various types and ways of doing worship – music, singing, Taize, less formal, no communion• Make use of Common Ground as well as NEH or other hymn books• New hymn books, modern• More joy and celebration, more smiley faces • Less rigid service and larger selection of hymns and choruses• There are a lot of talented individuals in the church – we should use their talents. Encourage diversity and equality• Social event with church next door• More church “outside” happenings• Youth at one of the services• Consider doing church in the surrounding community – not just in our own building• Integrate more with our neighbours, Baptist and St Margarets. Perhaps a local ecumenical partnership. Join with St Margarets, Rosyth for joint services 3-4 times a year• Notices giving service and contact details should be distributed to hotels and B&Bs and homeless hostels for display• Cards that members of our congregationgoing on holiday could give to churches they attend giving greetings from HT• The church can be open as a venue for the arts, etc• Rector’s thoughts in magazine• Stuart is an ordained priest – perhaps he should be licenced. Will encourage younger people into church• What is our church’s mission?• What is our role in this community?

Update! Before this report was even published work has been ongoing to put up new signage to help visitors and our young church find the toilets as seen in the picture above. Also a more major change is the refurbished doors at the rear of the church, for more info click below! Please let us know how you feel and your thoughts on the list above, any we have missed?

Coming up …
  • 21 May 2019 3:00 pm Meditation
  • 22 May 2019 10:00 am Church Cleaning
  • 22 May 2019 2:00 pm Friendship Group

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